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In my current professional practice, I am deeply committed to innovating the design of an after-school program aimed at enhancing engagement and academic outcomes for vulnerable students. This initiative spans forty learning pods distributed across all ten regions of Guyana. It is particularly significant because many of these students were educated under a traditional ‘chalk and talk’ model of education, which has faced challenges in meeting the diverse needs of learners. Moreover, the ongoing pandemic has exacerbated disparities, further widening the gap between these students and their more resource-privileged peers. This context underscores the urgency and importance of my research and practice interests in developing effective solutions to bridge this educational divide.

About Me

Karen Abrams is an unquestionable advocate for STEM education; she’s a beacon of change lighting up young minds in Guyana and vulnerable communities worldwide. Her relentless passion for STEM education has been the driving force behind the revolutionary STEMGuyana initiative, a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at cultivating future leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

As the dynamic Director of STEMGuyana, Karen is at the forefront of educational innovation, managing 41 learning pods that serve as sanctuaries of enrichment and academic support, especially for vulnerable children. Here, young minds dive into the world of coding and robotics every technology day, crafting the future one code at a time. Karen’s vision doesn’t stop here; STEMGuyana is expanding, with 24 current STEM clubs and plans to unveil 75 more clubs by mid 2024. Each club is a crucible of creativity and learning.


But Karen is not just shaping the future; she’s bringing it to the screens as well. Under her leadership, STEMGuyana’s production studio breathes life into “Robin the Robot”, a children’s show sparking curiosity and joy in the hearts of the young and the young-at-heart.


The resonance of her contributions has been felt far and wide, earning acknowledgment and more than one million dollars of investment from the Inter-American Development Bank for the expansion of the Learning Pods program. This acclaim fuels Karen’s commitment to transcending borders and taking STEM education to every corner of the globe where young minds thirst for knowledge and innovation.


Her journey is also an academic pursuit. Currently, Karen is immersed in her doctoral studies in Technology Education at the University of Florida, exploring groundbreaking strategies to empower the youth and catalyze social change. She’s not just an advocate; she’s a lifelong learner, holding an MBA in Marketing and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.


In the latest stride towards holistic development, Karen has initiated the Parent Academy, a platform empowering parents to be the pillars of support their children need academically.


Karen Abrams is not just a name; she’s a movement, an inspiration, dedicated to sowing the seeds of knowledge, innovation, and empowerment, ensuring every child has the chance to grow into a creator of the future.


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