STEMGuyana, a leading technology education organization based in Guyana, has taken another significant step in its mission to empower students and their families by reorganizing and relaunching the Parent Academy. Led by Alisha Koulen, the Operations Manager of STEMGuyana, and Lester Moses, a Senior Manager at Amazon Web Services, the Parent Academy aims to provide parents with the tools and resources they need to support their children’s education effectively. With its focus on grade refresher lesson plans in Math, English, and Science, the academy offers a unique opportunity for parents to reinforce their children’s learning at home.  The Academy is a component of the Learning Pods program sponsored by the IDBLab.

The Parent Academy has recently held its second meeting, drawing the attention and praise of both participants and organizers. The sessions offer valuable guidance and assistance to parents, enabling them to register and access an extensive library of more than 1300 lesson plans aligned with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum for grades 1 to 10. This comprehensive resource allows parents to engage with their children’s learning materials, reinforcing the concepts taught in school and facilitating better retention of information.

Children of parents who actively participate in the Parent Academy gain a significant advantage in their educational journey. By reviewing lesson plans before or after they are taught in class, parents can reinforce the content and ensure their children grasp the concepts more effectively. This collaborative effort between parents and educators plays a crucial role in improving learning outcomes and creating a solid foundation for academic success.

STEMGuyana’s Director has expressed her confidence in the positive impact of the Parent Academy. Recognizing the value of the Learning Pod program, she believes that with the active involvement of parents, the organization’s work will have an even greater influence on the lives of young learners. The reinforcement and review provided by parents through the Parent Academy contribute to an enhanced understanding of subjects and promote a culture of continuous learning.

Alisha Koulen, the Operations Manager of STEMGuyana, was highly impressed by the Parent Academy sessions, praising Lester Moses for his patience and expertise. She stated, “I’m already seeing the fruits of the Learning Pod program in our young scholars, and with the parents onboard, I believe our work will make an even bigger impact in the lives of our young scholars.” Such positive feedback encourages more parents to join the academy and actively engage in their children’s education.

To facilitate communication and lesson requests, the Parent Academy has created a dedicated WhatsApp group. This platform enables parents to submit requests for specific lessons and receive prompt support from the academy’s facilitators. The interactive nature of the group fosters a sense of community among parents, allowing them to share experiences, seek guidance, and celebrate their children’s achievements.

STEMGuyana’s launch of the Parent Academy marks a significant milestone in the organization’s commitment to empowering students and their families in Guyana. By providing parents with the necessary tools, resources, and guidance, the academy enables them to actively participate in their children’s education and promote better learning outcomes. With its focus on reinforcing grade-specific concepts and aligning with the Ministry of Education’s curriculum, the Parent Academy equips parents with the means to support their children effectively. As more parents join the academy, the collective effort to improve education in Guyana gains momentum, fostering a brighter future for the nation’s youth.

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