In a significant and appreciated gesture of support, Unicomer Guyana has donated a new refrigerator to the STEM Guyana clubhouse. This essential contribution is set to improve the facilities of the clubhouse, making it a more accommodating space for young innovators and those with a keen interest in technology.

At present, Team Guyana is immersed in rigorous preparations at the STEM Guyana Clubhouse, gearing up for the upcoming First Global Competition. The team is poised to start their journey on October 3rd and will be returning on October 12th.

This collaboration with Unicomer Guyana is a representation of the substantial support and meaningful partnerships that are instrumental in advancing STEM Guyana’s mission. The organization is dedicated to inspiring and educating the next generation of innovators and problem solvers, and such partnerships are crucial in realizing this vision.

We express our sincere gratitude to Unicomer Guyana for their donation and look forward to future opportunities for cooperation between STEM Guyana and Unicomer. This support not only enhances our operational capabilities but also reinforces our commitment to fostering innovation and learning in the field of technology.

Stay informed with upcoming updates on our journey to the First Global Competition at Team Guyana Robotics or STEMGuyana facebook pages.  We extend our thanks to Unicomer Guyana for their valuable contribution to the STEM Guyana Clubhouse.

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