Organize a STEM club

Since the launch of our 2016 Summer robotics building and programming camps, more than 200 community representatives in Guyana have reached out to STEMGuyana to ask about creating STEM clubs for the youth in their communities to learn coding, robotics and math enrichment through our N.G.S.A. mobile app.  After some deliberation, we have decided to expand our S.T.E.M. program into every region of Guyana.

One approach we considered was to enlist communities that were recently brought online by the E-governance department.  The department made computers and internet connectivity available in accessible public location.  Alternately, we considered partnering with the more than 200 community contacts who have reached out to our program and to coordinate with them to create clubs locally.  Either way, there is currently opportunity for communities to begin the process of creating their own S.T.E.M. Clubs.

STEMGuyana’s mission is to “unlock the world class potential of Guyanese youth” by making technology programs available to them which serve to improve their problem solving, critical thinking, coding logic, innovation and creativity skills.  To that end, we have prepared a framework for each STEM club to follow which includes the following;

STEM Club Program
1)Robot building & programming
2)Annual national robotics challenge competition
3)Learning to code using MIT Scratch
4)Competing in an international coding league
5)Math, English, Science enrichment using our app which provides access to a comprehensive list of lessons plans for 1st through 10th grade students
6)N.G.S.A. Math preparation via mobile app
7)Learn to create android mobile apps using app inventor

Equipment Needed
1)1 MRT-3 robot kit per 10 students in the club [assumes student will rotate robotics and Scratch programming]
2)1 Laptop /  desktop computer per 5 students in the club
3)1 android smart phone for app testing [minimum]

Equipment Packages available through STEMGuyana

Package 1
1 robot [new] – $300
2 laptops [used] – $600
Processing & handling $100
Pickup in Georgetown: $1100 USD

Package 2
2 robots [new] – $600
4 laptops [refurbished] – $1200
Processing and handling $200
Pickup in Georgetown: $2200