STEMGuyana yesterday launched an ambitious program to transfer website development and journalism skills to young students in their Learning Pods program across the country.  The test program will launch in 5 current Learning Pods — Queenstown, Port Kaituma, Lake Mainstay, Lima Sands and Aurora.  5 students from each of these pods will be trained to update, redesign and then to create websites over the next 10 months.  The students will take on roles as program reporters and they will be responsible for writing and collecting stories, videos, poems and events about their pod, their peers and their community members which they will share weekly on their pod’s websites.

“Our goal is to empower a cadre of talented young people in all 10 regions of Guyana, who have strong communication, collaboration, creative and 21st century technology skills which will give them options and prepare them to  earn high incomes from their own communities.  We also intend to work with our Press professionals to help us to prepare our young creatives and future journalists.  The young scholars will be identifying interesting stories, writing and editing, taking photos and videos and working together on their website’s design and strategy.  These skills are empowering and we can’t wait to enjoy their creative expression”, stated STEMGuyana Director, Karen Abrams

STEMGuyana’s technical team and local volunteer media professionals will work with the students and club leaders from the 5 pods over the next 2 months, as they identify and work out any issues and challenges associated with the program.  The goal is to update and improve the program for rollout in every learning pod in all 10 regions of Guyana.  All students who are interested in acquiring the skills will be allowed to join the “Pod Reporters” program.  The STEMGuyana Learning Pods program is sponsored by the IDB and Tullow Oil.