Erica Plante Matthews, a proud alumnus of St. Roses, is making an impact on the lives of Guyanese children, demonstrating how giving back goes beyond just financial contributions.

Now residing abroad, Matthews has taken up the role of a STEMGuyana diaspora supporter, but her engagement with her homeland extends far beyond monetary donations. Recently, she returned to Guyana, spending precious time at St. Angela’s Primary School, volunteering her time to read to the young scholars there.

However, her generosity didn’t stop there. Matthews also sent a barrel with resources for the learning pod children, loaded with books, school notebooks, and other necessary stationery items. These supplies will go a long way in bolstering the educational resources available to students, encouraging them to pursue their academic interests.

Reflecting on this act of kindness, STEMGuyana Director, Karen Abrams, expressed her gratitude for contributions from diaspora donors like Matthews. She emphasized that such efforts are an investment in the children of Guyana, which by extension, means an investment in the future development of the nation.

“The benefits are not easily visible because the returns do not happen overnight, but the returns will come and our children and even their children will benefit from your kindness,” said Abrams.

Her comments underscore the profound and lasting impact of these acts of generosity. Matthews’ commitment to her roots serves as a shining example for other diaspora members. It’s not just about the financial support; the time, effort, and resources that individuals like Matthews are willing to invest contribute significantly to building a promising future for Guyana.

It’s a testament to the saying, ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ With people like Matthews in our

global village, the future for Guyana’s children is indeed bright.