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Calling all Guyanese students! Are you interested in coding and concerned about climate change? Then join our Scratch coding competition and showcase your creativity and research skills. More than 100 teams will participate and the competition is open to primary and high school students and begins on January 25th. All entries are due by February 25th.


The challenge is to create a Scratch animation project that reflects your research about the effects of climate change on your country or community. You will:

  • Work on teams of between 3 to 5 students 
  • Decide on responsibilities (e.g. 2 researchers, 1 project manager, 1 designer / storyteller, 1 coder–your choice)
  • Project manager makes sure that the tasks are being completed and by the deadline
  • Research the topic 
  • Take notes on what you’ve learned
  • Decide on the story you wish to share 
  • Create a script which includes all of your characters 
  • Design your animation project–number of characters, background, functions, etc 
  • Create a mockup [on paper] of your project 
  • Begin to code the animation. 
  • Upon completion, upload your entry to a YouTube 


NB: STUDENTS WILL WORK ON MIXED TEAMS (of primary and secondary school students) 

  • Teams must consist of between 3 to 5 students
  • All entries must be original work and not plagiarized.
  • Entries must be submitted by February 25th.
  • Entries must be uploaded to YouTube.
  • The winners will be announced on March 15th.
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 entries in each category
  • All participants will receive a certificate

    1st place team – $20,000 for each member, Coach – $20,000
    2nd place team – $15,000 for each member, Coach – $15,000
    3rd place team – $10,000 for each member, Coach – $10,000

We can’t wait to see the innovative and educational animations you come up with! Good luck!