Reference: STEMDD0032
Post Title: Fundraising & Design Consultant
Project Title: Learning Pods Expansion
Duty Location: 75% office
Hrs: 30hrs per week
Duration: 12 months
Responsible to: Program Director

Driven by a belief that all students, regardless of circumstance, deserve the same opportunities to reach their potential, we work with K-12 students to remove barriers to success. We provide students with the unique academic support they need to succeed. We are currently seeking a dynamic individual to join our team to provide strong team leadership  of the Learning Pods program expansion to 40 clubs across all 10 regions of Guyana.  Your mission will be  to ensure effective operations within each Learning Pod and help build the next generation of leaders in Guyana.

Fundraising & Design Consultant
STEMGuyana is seeking a Development & Digital Design consultant to join our Learning Pod project team! We are a community oriented education technology organization that focuses on preparing Guyana’s youth to use technology to contribute meaningfully to Guyana’s development.

You’d be a great fit if you:
* Like building and maintaining trusted relationships with key decision makers in the business community
* Can find, manage and engage in new fundraising project opportunities
* Are self confident
* Are self-motivated and can work under little supervision
* Have experience writing client-specific proposals and estimates
* Work well in a team
* Enjoy meeting new people
* Can multi-task effectively
* Are a problem solver and outstanding communicator

* Education / Experience with fundraising for a large organization
* Education / Experience designing marketing copy for organizations
* Education /  Experience analyzing data and creating reports
* Experience with face-to-face/B2B sales
* Experience estimating, writing and delivering proposals to potential sponsors

The Development & Design Specialist will be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with other public and private entities and lead in short- and long-range strategic planning activities to create and implement fund-raising goals and objectives. The consultant will also be responsible for the design and rebrand of select STEMGuyana programs across all media channels.  The consultant will also be responsible for creating a cohesive marketing strategy to aid in the achievement of STEMguyana’s strategic objectives. The consultant will also coordinate day-to-day unit-based development strategies and activities to ensure their integration into STEMGuyana’s overall development program

  • Identify and research potential sponsors
  • Create and manage STEMGuyana’s fundraising schedule and plans
  • Develop and maintain client relationships
  • Identify and manage all grant applications
  • Coordinate with STEMGuyana stakeholders to develop mutually beneficial proposals
  • Negotiate contract terms with sponsors and communicate with stakeholders
  • Monitor project teams to ensure contracts are executed as agreed
  • Gather useful information from customer and competitor data
  • Create and conduct presentations to prospective sponsors and internal executives
  • Create and execute fundraising plans

    Salary: $160k per month [Salary will be based on experience and is negotiable]

* An awesome team to work with everyday!
Job Type: Part-time
Email CV: stemguyana@gmail.com