In a vibrant social meetup, FIRST Global’s Team Guyana 2023 and Team Tunisia 2023 recently broke bread and exchanged cultural insights, proving that despite geographical distance, shared curiosity and enthusiasm can bridge any divide.

During an engaging encounter filled with fun and laughter, the two teams embarked on a journey through each other’s cultures, discussing everything from traditional dishes and clothing to wedding customs. Team Guyana proudly introduced the mouthwatering Guyana curry and Cook-Up Rice, while Team Tunisia delighted their counterparts with tantalizing descriptions of Tunisian Couscous, Lablebi, and Sharmoula.

In a remarkable revelation, the two teams found common ground in a shared kitchen tool – the ‘Tawa’. This versatile piece of cookware is a staple in both countries, despite their language differences, and served as a wonderful reminder of the universality of some traditions.

The teams then turned tour guides, showcasing the natural wonders of their respective nations. Team Guyana painted a vivid picture of the awe-inspiring Kaieteur Falls and its fascinating legend, leaving the Tunisian team eager for a visit.

This meet-up illustrated that despite our diverse backgrounds and cultures, common threads weave us together. It was an affirmation of the beauty of global collaboration, where we learn from each other while appreciating our unique cultural nuances. The enthusiasm shown by both teams bodes well for their future encounters and underscores the spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect at the heart of FIRST Global.  Both teams are preparing for the First Global annual Robotics challenge which will be hosted in Singapore in October of 2023.