by Karen Abrams, MBA EdD ’25
These young people have immersed themselves in Drone Soccer for four months, despite facing opponents with three years of experience. Yet, their determination remained steadfast. They journeyed to San Diego not just to compete, but to embrace global innovation and envision themselves as equals and future innovators. Their time in San Diego was about more than just competition—it was about building confidence and acquiring new skills like drone building, elevating their proficiency in robotics and coding.

Upon their return, they will pay it forward, sharing their newfound knowledge with peers back home. President Leon Christian has a vision—to expand the Drone Soccer program throughout Guyana, extending its reach to places like Lake Mainstay and beyond, igniting national and global competition. The nation’s youth from these regions will have the chance to travel abroad, meet peers, strengthen their innovation skills and compete at the highest level.

In exciting news, Team Guyana Drone Soccer proud to announce that they will continue to coordinate with USA Drone Soccer League. This means that following local competitions, they intend to clash with US teams in final competitions—an extraordinary opportunity for youngsters in regions like Essequibo, Bartica, Linden, and Corentyne to represent Guyana on the world stage.

Yet, this endeavor transcends sports; “we’re cultivating talent for future careers in aviation, robotics, drone security, agriculture, O&G surveillance, and beyond”, stated Drone Soccer Guyana President, Mr Leon Christian.

Christian continues, “this model’s success hinges on the unwavering support of the nation’s various communities, their contributions and prayers sustain our program, ensuring inclusivity across all backgrounds.

We take pride in the strides we’re making in tech education, both locally and globally. None of this would be possible without the collective effort of our village”  A special thanks to the IDBLab, whose visionary support give us the motivation to make our program possible.