Exciting news! Digicel Guyana, has just made a generous contribution to the local STEM education community. As part of their ongoing commitment to empowering young people, Digicel has donated three laptops to STEM Clubs in Region 5.

The impact of this donation will be significant, as around 30 budding students from the Mahaicony Secondary STEM Club and the soon to be launched STEM club at Hopetown Primary will now have access to advanced technology that will help take their education to the next level. These laptops will enable students to explore the fascinating world of research, master scratch coding, and delve into the exciting world of robot programming.

“We can’t thank Digicel enough for their kind gesture”, stated Bradley Downer, the dedicated STEM Coach who was honored to receive the laptops on behalf of the thrilled clubs. With such exceptional support from the community, the sky’s the limit for the students of Region 5.