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STEMGuyana Prepares Guyanese Learners to Pursue STEM Careers and Beyond as a Path to Prosperity

Imagine your child solving real-world problems, creating the future through groundbreaking technology, or even competing in international robotics tournaments! In Guyana’s booming 21st-century economy, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) […]

Is Your Child Hooked on Tech? Why Drone Soccer Could be the Perfect Match!

Does your child spend hours glued to a screen? Are you worried about their STEM skills or lack of interest in after-school activities? Well, there’s a new program in town […]

Expanding Tech Education Innovation in Guyana: Investing in the Future

by Karen Abrams, MBA EdD ’25 These young people have immersed themselves in Drone Soccer for four months, despite facing opponents with three years of experience. Yet, their determination remained […]

Unicomer (Courts) Guyana Energizes Innovation with Generous Donation to STEM Guyana Clubhouse!

In a significant and appreciated gesture of support, Unicomer Guyana has donated a new refrigerator to the STEM Guyana clubhouse. This essential contribution is set to improve the facilities of […]

Resolving Conflicts Within Teams and Organizations: A Guided Approach

By the Director of STEMGuyana Every organization witnesses its fair share of conflicts. These disagreements, born from the diverse ideas, needs, and perspectives of passionate team members, are not exclusive […]

Diaspora Donor and St. Roses Alumna, Erica Plante Matthews, Gives Back to Her Roots

Erica Plante Matthews, a proud alumnus of St. Roses, is making an impact on the lives of Guyanese children, demonstrating how giving back goes beyond just financial contributions. Now residing […]

Guyana Meets Tunisia: A Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Name of FGC Robotics

In a vibrant social meetup, FIRST Global’s Team Guyana 2023 and Team Tunisia 2023 recently broke bread and exchanged cultural insights, proving that despite geographical distance, shared curiosity and enthusiasm […]

Young Influencers Program Welcomes New Cohort, Congrats to STEMGuyana Members

The Ministry of Human Services & Social Security (MHSS) recently welcomed its 2023-2024 Young Influencers Programme (YIP) cohort. This diverse group of youths from across Guyana will work together to […]

STEMGuyana Parent Academy to Empower Parents in Guyana Relaunched

STEMGuyana, a leading technology education organization based in Guyana, has taken another significant step in its mission to empower students and their families by reorganizing and relaunching the Parent Academy. […]

🤖🌍 STEMGuyana 2023 Robotics Competition Announcement 🌍🤖

📢 Calling all young innovators and aspiring engineers! We are excited to announce the STEMGuyana 2023 Robotics Competition, Robot Creation! 🚀🤖 🌟 Robot Creation is an incredible opportunity for students […]