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Join the national competition; 100 teams to participate!

Scratch Coding Challenge Rules Youth 8 to 15yrs old from across Guyana are invited to participate! Win certificates, tablet computers and other prizes. This is a virtual challenge. Your child should have access to a computer (no internet needed) or tablet (with internet) to participate. CHALLENGE CREATE A SCRATCH ANIMATION PROJECT REFLECTING YOUR RESEARCH ABOUT […]

Welcome to the 2023 (Term 2) National Scratch Coding Challenge

Promo Material Calling all Guyanese students! Are you interested in coding and concerned about climate change? Then join our Scratch coding competition and showcase your creativity and research skills. More than 100 teams will participate and the competition is open to primary and high school students and begins on January 25th. All entries are due […]

Families have a major influence on their children’s achievement in school and through life

Parents are a child’s first teacher, and involvement in their children’s learning is critical to their success. The evidence is consistent, and convincing: families have a major influence on their children’s achievement in school and through life. When schools, families, and community groups work together to support learning, children tend to do better in school, […]

Why do we integrate Scratch coding into our Learning pods curriculum

By Karen Abrams, MBA, EdD ’25 The educational use of coding began in the 1960s with the usage of the Logo programming language. A considerable amount of literature states that the skills required of a 21st century individual are creative thinking, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and cooperation skills. The innovative solutions that technology tools like […]

Personal Assistant to STEMGuyana Director

TERMS OF REFERENCE / JOB DESCRIPTION Reference: STEMSPA0038 Post Title: Personal Assistant Project Title: STEMGuyana Duty Location: Blended (Virtual & Georgetown office) Duration: opem Responsible to: Executive Director Driven by a belief that all students, regardless of circumstance, deserve the same opportunities to reach their potential, we work with K-12 students to remove barriers to […]

STEMGuyana launches “Pod Reporters” program to teach primary and secondary school students to create websites…

STEMGuyana yesterday launched an ambitious program to transfer website development and journalism skills to young students in their Learning Pods program across the country.  The test program will launch in 5 current Learning Pods — Queenstown, Port Kaituma, Lake Mainstay, Lima Sands and Aurora.  5 students from each of these pods will be trained to […]

Why STEMGuyana’s programs are important for your village?

STEM is an acronym (each letter represents a word) that represents the words Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.  Now if we are to believe most people in our society, they would say that Science and Math are difficult subjects and only the ‘bright’ kids do well in those subjects. STEMGuyana leaders disagree with those beliefs! The […]

Team Guyana Robotics Submits Robot For Evaluation; Demonstrates Resilience, Determination, Innovation…

Team Guyana Robotics 2022 spent nearly 6 months working together to ideate, research, design, build and test a robot machine which would be able to compete against machines built by youths representing more than 160 countries in the world. In spite of the rejection of their schengen visas by the Embassy of Netherlands in Suriname, […]

Learning Pods

Region Learning Pod 1 Port Kaituma 2 Queenstown Village – Secondary School/Computer Lab 2 Aurora Primary School 2 Lima Sand Primary School-Pending 2 Women of Substance – Henritta 2 Lake Mainstay Village- Primary School 3 Canal #2 – Bell West Multiple Purpose Center 3 Goed Fortuin- 2 Mile Bridge 1st Corner on Your Right 3 […]

‘Parental involvement’ is much more than attending parent teacher meetings’; significant factor in student achievement

The experts are still debating exactly how to define family engagement–a term historically called parental involvement.  The change in terms reflect a deeper understanding of the stakeholders involved in contributing to successful academic outcomes for students in the K-12 school system. The shift in language is more inclusive and pushes us to consider the variation […]