Why STEMGuyana?  Why Now?  Why Your Child?

Why STEMGuyana? Why Now? Why Your Child?

When you wake up in Guyana and reach for your cell phone, you’re interacting with technology. When you turn on your lights and then check email, or your social media messages on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, you’re interacting with technology. When you log on to read DemWaves or Newsource.gy or Kaieteur News, Chronicle or Stabroeknews online, you’re interacting with technology. When you turn on the TV, whether local or cable, technology is involved. Thus far, we’ve discussed a cell phone company, an Internet company, three social media companies, four news media companies, two television production companies and a phone company. Before you even step out of the house, thirteen technology companies have already impacted your life in a major way.

Why Now?
Guyana is on the cusp of national development, which will require the expertise of those with STEAM training across several industries. Guyana today is simply not the Guyana which will exist in even ten years and those industries in Guyana that refuse to invest in technology will be unable to compete globally and they will simply cease to exist. Others that do not invest in the next generation of STEM employees today will find themselves desperate and panicked in ten years and will wind up paying a premium for International consultants to solve issues which their employees will simply not be equipped to solve.

In addition, there are some global technology trends taking place, which will force Guyanese companies to invest in advanced technology.  Our Oil & Gas industry will require basic knowledge of robotics, Agriculture will depend more on drones and robot sensors, Mining is already dependent on robots and automation, manufacturing will require more automation; there is literally no industry that exists in Guyana today that will not require updated technology systems, digital wallets, robots and extreme dependence on technology. More than 50% of the industries of the future will require employees who are competent in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Science. Shouldn’t your child be prepared for that future?

Why Your Children?
Immigrants have started nearly 50% of multibillion dollar Tech companies in the US; young people who emigrated from countries that lacked the infrastructure needed to foster innovation and creativity left their home countries and started companies like Google, Whatsapp, Tesla/SpaceX, Reddit, Amazon, Yahoo, and Apple. Guyana is on the verge of being a very wealthy country; do you want your children to create the tech solutions and tech companies of the future? If you do, they have to begin their preparation today.

STEMGuyana introduces technology programs for youth, which will excite them, while encouraging their creativity, innovation and problem solving skills. STEM teachers at the best schools around the world use the same curriculum, to prepare their young students for the future. Guyanese parents and youth are being offered a world-class opportunity; we encourage them to take full advantage of it.

Register for free tickets [online only] to our Technology & Robot exhibition on June 24th at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.  Encourage your children to explore robots, drones and other technology.  Invest in their future and work with STEMGuyana to unlock the world class potential in Guyanese youth.  Come and find out about our upcoming robot and drone building and programming camp, find out how to create a STEM club in your neighborhood and expose your children to technology of the future.