Team Guyana 2019 Chronicles 

Team Guyana 2019 Chronicles 

by Karen Abrams

Membership on the robotics national team is a privilege not an entitlement but It’s also no easy undertaking. It requires a huge time commitment but also a love and respect for team members, an ability to collaborate, solve problems and get along with others.

Last night the team and technical advisors Ryan Benschop and Aggrey Dillon Marsh met to design and build a complicated function. They met at 5pm and left the building this morning at 6am. I don’t encourage them them to stay that late but they insist when they’re on a roll. I have to note that these technical advisors aren’t traveling to Dubai but they show up anyway.

So when we raise funds for food, it’s because they work for 6+ hrs on average. When we raise money for transportation, it’s because they’re coming from Timehri, Den Amstel, Hague, Enmore in addition to closer communities.

When I see their cooperation and commitment (in my absence), I am overwhelmed. We might be a technology organization but we’re also interested in inspiring a new generation of leaders who care for and respect each other and who are committed to work across ethnic boundaries (real or imagined) to develop this great nation of ours.

Team Guyana 2019, y’all make me proud! I wish you all the very best.