STEMGuyana’s Christopher Nelson Is A Special Person

STEMGuyana’s Christopher Nelson Is A Special Person

Chris at school

Georgetown, Guyana – March 15, 2018  —  During the weeks leading up to the international robotics competition, it was not unusual to find Christoper Nelson and one of his teammates building, rebuilding, and perfecting the robot while working until wee hours of the morning at the National Sports Hall.  Did we mention that he lives in Den Amstel?

Chris playing soccer

Christopher Nelson is 18yrs old, but wise beyond his years in his commitment to excellence.  We knew he was someone special when we called up his Principal at GTI and asked her to send a few students to tryout for the robotics team and Chris was among those selected.  Chris comes across as reserved but we later found out that he is a singer, a dancer, a soccer player, a cricket player, he attends church, he’s on the robotics and he’s also an outstanding student.  Did I mention that he earned a distinction in Maths?

Chris installing solar panels

Chris opted to attend GTI for two years before attending UG on the recommendation of his brother who counseled him that he’d be better prepared for UG’s Electrical Engineering program if he first completed two years at GTI and during the summer of 2017, after returning from a world-class performance with his Team Guyana robotics team, he completed a solar energy internship with Farfan Mendes, Inc., we have no doubt that he excelled there also.

A pledge posted on Christopher’s fb page

Recently, we’ve been missing Chris at our club house, so we decided to investigate.  We should have known he was making yet another contribution to his community.  You want to know what Chris was doing?  Chris was working with another youth to tutor a class of young people in his community of Den Amstel in preparation for the CXC Maths exam.

STEMGuyana Co-founder reached out to Chris to ask him what his program needed; Chris smiled and said chalk…and chairs, then he thought again and he said, “Ms K, it would be nice for you to come out and inspire them, ’cause you inspire me a lot.”

We at STEMGuyana are proud to call Chris teammate, club member and friend.  We have no doubt that Guyana is in good hands.  Christopher Nelson, we are proud of you and yes, you inspire us also.