STEMGuyana Trainers

STEMGuyana Trainers

Aisha Peters

Aisha is a STEMGuyana Master Trainer and is currently employed at the Office of the First Lady where teaches Information Technology to students across Guyana.  Aisha was responsible for launching STEM clubs at more than ten STEM clubs across Guyana and has been on robotics outreach programs in Lethem, Iwokarama, and Matthews Ridge.

Aisha also serves as a STEMGuyana Administrator and works to ensure the smooth flow of our organizational activities in Guyana.


Horace Moseley

Horace Moseley is a 23-year-old STEM Guyana Master Trainer who earned his information technology skills after attending several courses at Global Technology Inc.

Horace is very passionate about Information Technology and the Arts; and spends much of his time working with youths in communities across the 10 Administrative regions in Guyana.

Information technology is not his only passion. Horace is a self-thought musician. As a matter of fact, when he is not travelling the country sharing his knowledge with the youths of Guyana, Horace spends much of his time teaching music to young people in some of the Methodist Churches in Guyana. He also plays the drums and keyboard in some of those same churches.

Horace is seen as a role model in the Buxton community because of his positive attitude and his passion for working with the youths in Buxton.

He is in charge of teaching robotics at the Buxton STEM Club, which currently has 20 students. He is now involved with the Young Visionaries, a community group which also focuses on Robotics.

Teaching robotics is not the only way the 23-year-old gives back to his community. He spends quite a lot of his time teaching music to the players of the GBTI Buxton Pride Steel Orchestra; he is also one of the band’s players.

Horace is currently employed at the Office of the First Lady where teaches Information Technology to students across Guyana

Paul Glasgow
Paul Glasgow is from the village of B/V.  Paul first became involved with STEMGuyana in 2018 and immediately fell in love with the vision of the organisation.  He is now a STEMGuyana trainer and also a club coach at the Racquet centre STEM club where he works weekly with dozens of children. Paul is also a youth leader at his local church. He enjoys working with youths and is committed to the idea of improving the lives of young people through technology.




Safia Rafee

Safia Rafee is responsible for the STEM club at Supenaam, Essequibo which was organized by the Department Of Youth.  Safia also participated in Essequibo Technical Institute’s Career Day where she shared information about robotics with enthusiastic local students.

Safia is a member of STEMGuyana’s Dream Team and is also a certified Robotics Trainer.  She is positive, hardworking and committed to the youth in Region two.  STEMGuyana is proud of our hardworking member Safia Rafee.






Bradley Downer
Meet 21 year old Bradley Downer, a dedicated and respectable young man who hails from the small village of Yeoville. A peaceful village located in the Mahaica/Berbice region (region 5). He attended STEMGuyana’s information session last year, found the programme interesting and was later trained by the said organisation . He attended the Mahaicony secondary school and Fraser’s Educational Institute(FEI) where he wrote and passed csec. Professionally, he’s employed by the Regional Democratic Council Region No.5 as an environmental health assistant(EHA) trained by the Ministry Of Public Health, attached to the Environmental Health Department Region No.5. He is a member of STEMGuyana’s dream team and serves as a coach to the Litchfield STEM CLUB and mentors to the Belladrum, New Amsterdam and Ruimveldt stem clubs. Bradley is very dedicated towards STEM and stem education. His main aim, is to bring stem education to the youths of the Berbice region; he conducted some sessions at some schools within the Mahaica/Berbice region. He writes during his free time and aspires to be a motivational speaker & a computer scientist

Joshua Reece
Joshua is a certified STEMGuyana Trainer and is an expert in robot building and programming on all of robot kits used by STEMGuyana.  He is also a STEM club coach at the Racquet Center STEM club where he manages two robotics teams.  Joshua is a student at the Technical institute and he is extremely bright and motivated.  We are proud of our Dream Team member Joshua Reece.