STEMGuyana Robot & Technology Exhibition

STEMGuyana Robot & Technology Exhibition

To educate, inspire and motivate youth in Guyana to engage technology beyond the role of consumer.  We want our young people to question, and investigate the technology environment and to be curious and empowered enough to use their knowledge and creativity to innovate solutions to problems in their own communities, country, region and world.


Location: Cliff Anderson Sports Hall

Booths & Services

Investigating drones!!!!
Learn about drone components, the science behind drones, use of drones in agriculture, mining, oil & gas, crime prevention, media, etc.

Robot Solutions [16 exhibits]
Find out how to build and program robots, how robots work, robots in the world; mining, agriculture, oil and gas, education, healthcare and other industries.  Take a turn playing with our robot exhibits.

Lego Brick Play Stations [5 stations for younger kids]
Children under 10 years old will build small projects with Lego bricks.  They will be rewarded with lollipops and candy.

Math Booth – Cyril Potter College will be invited to display Math related concepts and ideas.

Membership Booth – Create a STEMGuyana club in your community!  Get the facts! Learn what information, equipment, training and resources you will need.  Join our organization!!!

App Development Booth – Learn how to create a simple android app using MIT’s App Inventor

Team Guyana Robotics – Competition field will be on display.  Team members will demonstrate robot.  Meet the team!!!

Technology Video on big screen projector & lounge -Projection of technology videos; drones, robots, legos, technology in developing countries, tech in the US.

Solar Energy – Looking for company to display how solar energy works – [contact]

MOE – Integrated Learning Booth [NCERD]

Learn to code [with MIT Scratch] – 6 computers set up to teach kids how to code

NGSA Math App booth – The Math App will be on display, we’ll hand out an information sheet for parents.

Hands on Science Experiments – [planned but unconfirmed]

Animations – Guyana Animation Network to display projects – [unconfirmed]


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