STEMGuyana Launches Coding Bootcamp Targeted To Out Of School Members

STEMGuyana Launches Coding Bootcamp Targeted To Out Of School Members

Georgetown, Guyana – Three STEMGuyana members who recently completed and excelled at exams and are out of school have been selected to be the first class of STEMGuyana’s coding booth camp program, designed to prepare them to be junior Software Engineers within 9 months and ready them for competitive wage employment opportunities both inside and outside of Guyana.

The courses were designed by graduates of both Google and Stanford, Janani Ravi and Vitthal Srinivasan.  The courses include SQL & Databases, C Programming – Deep Drill, Python Programming, C++ Programming, Java Object-Oriented Programming and Design and Data Structures and Algorithms.

“We have recently launched Guyana’s first coding bootcamp program where we provide our members access to software development courses to help make them more globally marketable.  Coding bootcamps are extremely popular across the world and serve to expedite the process of training mostly out of school persons to become junior software engineers.  The STEMGuyana program will prepare young people to find IT employment in nine months”, said STEMGuyana co-founder Karen Abrams

The courses are online and self-paced but members work at the STEMGuyana facility in groups of three or four to complete the program.  Studies show that taking online courses in small groups increase the likelihood of completion and success.  Upon completion, the young graduates will be able to develop apps and create websites, they will be able to work for local or global companies or simply work as freelancers to earn a pretty substantial wage.

STEMGuyana members and recent GTI graduates Michael Sampson and Jahi Ghansam and St Josheph’s graduate and STEMGuyana member Shawn Jemmott are outstanding students and the members of the program’s first class.  Currently, they are all working together to complete the first 60 hr Java Object-Oriented Programming and Design course.  STEMGuyana co-founder, Karen Abrams shared that, “the goal is to arm these young adults with immediate skills which will improve their marketability both in Guyana and in the rest of the world and we encourage them to work together in small groups in a classroom setting, to motivate them and improve their chances of successfully completing the program.”

The organization has also recently signed an agreement with a well known US company to offer a suite of IT courses to its members across Guyana.  An announcement will be made shortly.  For more information, email