STEMGuyana Is Training Olympic Team & Betting On A Future Of Robotics, AI and VR Expertise In Guyana

STEMGuyana Is Training Olympic Team & Betting On A Future Of Robotics, AI and VR Expertise In Guyana

STEMGuyana is preparing a team of ten Guyanese youngsters for an international robotics competition in Washington DC during the month of July, 2017, five of them will travel to represent Guyana.  By any measure, this is an ambitious undertaking for a team only recently exposed to robotics during a serious of technology summer camps offered in Buxton, Lusignan and Georgetown during the summer of 2016.  And to be sure, these youngsters from will be competing against young people of varying levels of experience from 150 countries around the world; some, exposed to robot building and programing all their lives, while others, like Team Guyana, are novices.  Though inexperienced, team Guyana’s members are hungry and brilliant and determined to represent Guyana well at the First Global Games in 2017 and they will need your support to make it happen.

The Guyana team will include students from GTI, University of Guyana, KuruKuru training college and graduates of the STEMGuyana robotics camp.  “The team’s mission is well supported by various public and private entities”, said STEMGuyana Co-Founder, Karen Abrams.  “The Department of Sports has sponsored our clubhouse at the Sports Hall.  Ministry of Public Telecommunications is a major sponsor.  We are awaiting word from two other ministries while the Office of the First Lady is a key sponsor and has worked tirelessly to make this dream possible.  Ministry of the Presidency has also been supportive”, stated Abrams.  On the private side, our Diaspora partners have already contributed financially to the team and fundraising efforts continue.  We have already received pledges of support from four major corporate sponsors in Guyana and we will announce them later as our agreements are firmed up, “reported Abrams..

“Our vision is huge! Our mission is to work with public, private, local and Diaspora entities to prepare a huge resource of local experts in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality, in Guyana in the next 15  to 20 years.   These experts are mostly teenagers today and we expect that these young people will solve problems and innovate using technology for the vast number of problems facing people living in Southern and Northern hemispheres.  Our young Guyanese-born talent in the Diaspora are doing amazing things so we know our young people are capable.  What we intend to do is to bring the same level of exposure, resources and training to Guyana as available globally.  We believe in the power of ideas.  Ideas will win in the future and we are preparing our young people to be innovative, confident and armed with the tools of the future so that they will be the ‘masters of their own fate’.  We are betting that our teenagers today will be the ones on the cutting edge of innovation in these fields in the Caribbean in the future.  Don’t bet against us!!!!”, said Co-founder Abrams.

The team’s Coach is CSE Graduate Mr Ricky Chan, while UG Robotics Club President, Farnaz Baksh will be the team’s Manager.  The team’s Operations Support lead will be Ms Jeannette Frank, while we’ve had IT industry experts like Aggrey Dillon Marsh, and Ryon Persaud volunteering to make sure the team structure, strategy and operations are efficient.

Team Guyana Robotics needs Guyana’s support to compete favorably in the inaugural and global event.  Your contributions will be used to purchase equipment, travel expenses for members, snacks, tee-shirts, and other gear, robot supplies, computers and other equipment.  Team Guyana will make you proud.  Please become a supporting member of our team by donating online at  STEMGuyana is also encouraging corporate donors to support by contacting Karen Abrams at

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