STEMGuyana International Academy

PLEASE DO NOT FORCE YOUR CHILDREN TO ATTEND! – This program is designed for the 5% of students who have more than a passing interest in technology. No particular academic requirement is in place.
On October 5th, STEMGuyana will launch the STEMGuyana International Academy, an after-school program for Guyanese children in Guyana and the Diaspora. The goal of the 9 month annual program is to identify and enrich the academic experiences of children 7 – 16yrs old who have an unusual interest in Science and Technology.

The academy will meet 2 days each week and the curriculum has been specially designed by students at Stanford, Cornell and New York Universities in the United States, to be both fun and challenging. Students will learn a Science concept during each class, and lesson plans will also focus on language skills, math fundamentals, programming, problem solving, innovation, collaboration and critical thinking.

Math Gifted Program
The Math gifted program is designed to challenge the Math skills of gifted students. This program will be designed and managed by a Mathematics Phd, and will be an add on program to STEMGuyana’s International Academy.

Program begins: October 5th, 2020
Program cost: $5000 GY, MMG; $30 USD, Paypal
MMG: 06078, Paypal:
Contact us: whatsapp only: 592-616-4454

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