STEMGuyana Hosts Students From Deaf Association Of Guyana, Teaches Scratch Programming & Robot Building

Georgetown, Guyana: January 3, 2018 — STEMGuyana Director, Mr Colin Sawh and Trainers coordinated the visit of students from the Guyana Deaf Association to the STEMGuyana Clubhouse at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.  Managing Director of the association, Ms Sabine McIntosh attended the session and was also responsible for making the visit possible.

Multiple STEMGuyana Trainers including Dominic Budhan and new members Ghwan Lynch and Jahi Omari Ghansam, exposed the young students to the benefits of technology and programming concepts using MIT Scratch Programming.  The students were also exposed to robot building and programming using Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots.

The program ended with students being led by Trainer Farnaz Baskh, Arrianna Mahase, Stephanie Simon and Aisha Peters, through an online Scratch programming course.  Upon completion they earned certificates which they were proud to receive.  Director Colin Sawh closed the event by sharing words of encouragement and reminding the young people that technology could help them to pursue their dreams.

STEMGuyana would like to coordinate the donation of two robots for the Guyana Deaf Association, Inc.  The robots are $500 USD landed in Guyana.  Any individual or organization interested in donating 1 or more kits are encouraged to contact Director Colin Sawh or