January 1 – 2018:  The Founders and Advisors of the STEMGuyana organization would like to recognize and thank all of the donors who made the program possible in 2016 and 2017.  It was because of your generosity that any of this was made possible and for that we thank you.  You have made it possible for STEMGuyana to partially achieve the mission of  unleashing the world class technology potential of Guyana’s youth.

Your efforts have made our young people in Guyana believe that anything is possible and that is priceless.  Once again, we thank you for your support and hope that you will renew your support in 2018 as we plan on rolling out a challenging list of activities for 2018.  If you feel so moved, please click here to access the donation link.

Carl Agard
Edward Ajodah
Sandie Anderson
Lumumba Angoy
Shaun Anthony
Glendon Archer
Selwyn Athlerly
Dhaneeshae Bahadur
Lawrence Bancroft
Cosette Barnwell-Smith
Cosette Barnwell-Smith
Jonathan Benschop
Warren Birkett
Terrence Blackman
Keith Bowen
Denise Budhan
Nathilee Caldeira
Alison Chang
Heather Chin
Carolyne Chisholm-Moore
Christopher Clarke
Leon Christian
Vanessa Couchman
Kirk Cramer
Carlon Dash
Dale Davidson
Den Den
Donnette Dennis-Austin
Steven Dey
Sharon Dey-Layne
Sharon Dey-Layne
Deborah Dover
Ronson Gray
Ellen Tappin
Ann Bascom
Karl Moore
Renita Duesbury
Asha Edwards
Blake Edwards
Michelle Edwards
Duane Fingall
Sherry Forbes
Carol Fraser
Simone Fraser
Sando George
Debra Gibson-Welch
Kevin Granger
Samantha Grant
Gillian Harding
Lawrence Houston
Nigel Hughes
Sea Initiatives
Audrey Jackson
seth Jacobs
Anthony James
David Kadan
Shalene Kiermaier
Sophia King
tom lockard
Eldon Marks
Dean Massiah
Lester McRae
Debra Milne James
Deenauth Mohabeer
Gairy Moore
Doreen Morgan
Mark Moseley
Rab Mukraj
Noel Naraine
Neil Graham
Leroy Nelson
Cheryl Noel
Marlon Noel
Zina Noel
Glenda Obermuller
Muoyo Okome
Rennie Parris
Lisa Patoir
Colin Patterson
Shanney Persaud
Sandra Pompey
Maude Ann Rodrigues
Marcia Ross
Clifford Samuel
Carmen Sargeant
Sandra Shivdat
Pratima Singh
Caroline Smartt
Jacqueline Smartt
Lizette Stephens
Patrick G W Stephens
brent Sullivan
Senita Teakram
Renee Thompson-Franklin
Maya Trotz
Renita Tyler
Maureen &Bill Walliser
Tanya Walliser
Peta Westmaas
Andrea Williams
Keith Williams
Melanie Wilson
Azam Yasuf
Kevin Granger
Carlon Dash

Please click link to find the list of activities planned for 2018.

Best Regards,

Local Director, Colin Sawh
Co-Founders, Ima, Asha, Caleb Christian & Karen Abrams