What is STEMGuyana?
STEMGuyana is an organization supported by public and private groups both in the Diaspora and on the ground in Guyana, interested in exposing youth all across Guyana to technology in order to prepare them to make a significant contribution to the future development of Guyana.

What is STEM?
STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.  STEMGuyana uses fun technology., like robots to make these subjects easy and interesting for students.

Why is STEM important?
STEM is important because in the future, most of the well paid jobs will require knowledge of STEM subjects.  It is important for you to prepare today for a technology future tomorrow.

What does the STEMGuyana program include?
Program includes robot building and programming practice; Scratch programming classes; NGSA prep with mobile app; participation in league competition for youth at the primary and secondary levels in robot building & programming and Scratch coding; selection and preparation of a National Robotics team for international competition.

How can my child join?

Join a club at your library, school or internet hub.  STEMGuyana works with partners to roll-out clubs throughout Guyana.  To date, clubs are in more than 60 locations. Click here to see online list.  Make contact with location to have your child join program.  


How can I start a STEM club in my church, community, school or ICT hub?
Organization leaders must register first and schedule coaches for training.  Training costs $5000 per trainer, per day. Students then sign up, fundraise for their robot kits & tshirts and begin following STEMGuyana lesson plans while preparing for national & international competition.


About robot kits
All robot leagues have exclusive agreements with a particular robot kit manufacturer.  STEMGuyana is no different. The Guyana Robotics League uses the MRT-3 robot kit which retails in Guyana for $300 or the Lego Mindstorm EV3 kit, which retails in Guyana for around $450.  These are the only two kits STEMGuyana will accept in their league. These kits offer multiple levels of training, are used internationally for competition and can be used to create more than 300 projects.  The MRT-3 kit can be purchased from STEMGuyana.