STEMGuyana End Of Year Roundup – Merry Christmas All!

STEMGuyana End Of Year Roundup – Merry Christmas All!

Team Guyana Will Visit Georgia Tech University’s Robotics Department

Team Guyana members and UG students Farnaz Baksh, Arrianna Mahase and Stephanie J. Simon were invited to visit Georgia Tech University’s robotics department. These STEM youth plan to study robotics and make a contribution to the future development of Guyana. Our young people are passionate, energetic, and optimistic, but they need your help make this trip possible.

Please watch the video and make a small donation to this effort. Let us help to prepare our young people today for tomorrow's challenges.

STEMGuyana Creates Partnerships To Launch STEM Leagues Across Guyana

A Collaboration among (Bartica)TNES Project, Dr Terrence Blackman, Medgar Evers Dean, STEM Guyana, Ministry of Education and The Office Of Public Telecommunications will mean that students all across Guyana will soon have a chance to engage in fun technology challenges, while earning certificates, prizes and gaining access to advanced technology and STEM concepts available to K-12 students in many countries for the past 15 years.

The collaboration will work together to launch Maths, Scratch Programming and Robotics leagues to all primary and secondary students throughout Guyana. A pilot league for 20 schools will be launched in January 2018, under the theme of “Climate Change”. Bartica high school students will participate in the pilot program.

The leagues will reinforce STEM education and will focus on developing critical thinking, problem solving and innovative thinking in young students. “our goal is to collaborate with all entities, private, public, local and diaspora who are interested in helping to inspire the next generation of local and global problem solvers in Guyana”, said Karen Abrams.
Sandra Granger, The First Lady Of Guyana Is A Special Person

As we approach the end of this very productive year of 2017, STEMGuyana leaders analyzed the year and wanted to convey our collective thanks to our Patron and number one supporter, Guyana’s First Lady Sandra Granger.

Undisputedly, the First Lady has been the catalyst for STEMGuyana’s achievements. In addition to her own focus on Women’s Health, Education and Entrepreneurship, the First Lady continues to inspire STEMGuyana’s leadership team to press on, sometimes in the face of extraordinary challenges, and to keep the focus of the program on the nation’s children in every region of Guyana.

STEMGuyana wishes to salute First Lady Sandra Granger. We are proud of you and we appreciate all that you have contributed to support our mission. All Guyanese should be proud of one of our nation’s brightest lights and most treasured assets.
STEMGuyana Partners With Ministry Of Education, NCERD To Upgrade Grade 6 Mobile App

In keeping with STEMGuyana’s mission to unleash the world class potential of young people in all communities in Guyana, STEMGuyana has partnered with MOE, NCERD to build a study app for Grade 6 students all across Guyana. The NGSA project is championed by The First Lady Of Guyana, and fully supported by Minister Cathy Hughes and the Ministry of Public Telecommunications.

The NGSA app will include several years of past exams in Maths, English, Science and Social Studies, providing students with sample questions, answers, and explanations. Parents will be able to monitor student performance on the app, and will be able to determine how much time students are spending studying each subject, their average results, and challenging study topics. “We will balance historical dependence on rote learning by focusing more on teaching broader concepts to students and having them apply conceptual thinking to exam questions,” said co-founder Karen Abrams.

Because more and better education for all students is one of President Granger’s key national development priorities, he has personally committed to fund the purchase of one hundred computer tablets to use in three batches of students from historically under-performing schools to study the effects of the app on student performance. NCERD Science Specialist Ms. Petal Jetoo is also working with STEMGuyana to design a module which will allow her team to receive reports indicating which topics students from various schools find most challenging. NCERD’s goal will be to offer intervention training to teachers to help to improve how specific topics are conveyed to students.

STEMGuyana has currently engaged a local data management team of seven persons to build the question bank, while STEMGuyana co-founders Asha and Caleb Christian continue to work on app design and functionality. Various Ministry of Education teachers and NCERD Subject specialists were also involved in providing design and content guidance for the app.

The NGSA mobile app will launch in early January 2018, just in time for the first day of school in Guyana next year. The app will be available on computers in all community hubs rolled out by the Ministry of Public Telecommunications and in the android mobile app store. Primary school students will have more than 3 months to use the app to help prepare for the nationwide grade 6 exams.