STEMGuyana Concludes Outreach To West Berbice Community

STEMGuyana Concludes Outreach To West Berbice Community

Today, August 3, 2017, A team of 15 members of STEMGuyana kicked off their national outreach initiative to educate youth in communities across Guyana about STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering & Math].  Today’s outreach in West Berbice was co-sponsored by Hollywood-Benn Creative Arts, the Department of Youth, Sports & Culture and the Office of The First Lady of Guyana.  The event was organized by a local STEMGuyana planning team in Georgetown and  in Berbice by local entrepreneur, Ms Romaine Benn and SSYDR Youth Advocate Ms Shazeena Seetayah.

While in Berbice, members of Team Guyana engaged in a local community walkabout to sensitize local residents about various aspects of technology and how it will impact the lives of their children in the future.  They also displayed several robots created by STEM clubs which were left in place after the 2016 robot building and programming camps in region 4.  The team displayed the awesome First Global competition robot; Megatherium, showed videos of the competition in Washington DC which placed Team Guyana 10th in the world rankings and encouraged many young people to explore STEM career fields.  

The goal of the outreach program today was to also encourage local community groups to create STEM clubs where students can join STEMGuyana’s upcoming Math, Scratch Programming and Robotics leagues and compete nationally for certificates and prizes while strengthening their problem solving, critical reasoning, innovative thinking and creative skills.

Among the large number of community youth who attended was a 6th grade teacher from Cotton Tree Primary School, Ms Ravina Gannie, who brought her entire class to the exhibition. Ms Gannie has been involving children in Science fairs for many years and was happy that STEMGuyana shared their experiences with her students.

The outreach continues on August 12 in Linden.  The team also plans another outreach program in Essequibo and them back to New Amsterdam before the end of the summer.