STEMGuyana Co-Founder Gives Keynote Address To Sophia Primary School Graduands

Georgetown, Guyana – STEMGuyana co-founder, Karen Abrams was invited to give the keynote address to the Sophia Primary School 6th Grade class of 2018.  Abrams has a special interest in Sophia as it is one of the schools where STEMGuyana launched the NGSA grade 6 app pilot program.  Over the course of 3 weeks, students from Sophia primary practiced NGSA past exams on the mobile app created by STEMGuyana and sponsored by the Ministry of Education.  Students from Sophia were able to participate in part because of tablet computers donated to the program by President David Granger.

Abrams charged the graduands to work hard, remain focused, ask for help as often as possible.  Abrams charged that, “not knowing something is no reason for shame, the real shame is not knowing and not asking.  The most successful people in the world ask for help and surround themselves with smart people, and you should too”

The Sophia class of 2018, showed amazing progress on the 2018 NGSA exams with an overall 14% increase in English and an astounding 11% increase in Maths scores.

STEMGuyana is proud to work with Headmistress Sue on future collaborations with STEMGuyana.  Co-founder Karen Abrams, excited the crowd by promising them equipment for a robotics club when school reopens.  “We are committed to helping to prepare Guyana’s young people for a technology future”, said Abrams.  “We will not allow anyone who is interested to be left behind”.