STEMGuyana Begins Distribution Of Robot Kits To Libraries

STEMGuyana Begins Distribution Of Robot Kits To Libraries

Georgetown, Guyana – After training as STEM club coaches, more than thirty five library staff and representatives, representing thirteen libraries across five regions of Guyana, STEMGuyana has begun distributing robot kits and installing coding software at libraries with the relevant infrastructure to begin their “Reading & Robotics” programs.

Three companies have already donated funds to support four libraries while GTT’s support provided the hardware resources for training sessions.  Those companies include Power Producers & Distributors, which is supporting Bagotville and Central libraries; Noble House Seafoods, which is supporting the Buxton library; and Troy Resources Ltd, Guyana which is supporting the Linden library.  Exxon Mobile has pledge enough funding to support an additional ten libraries.

“Our intention was to launch all “Reading & Robotics” programs before the end of November, “stated STEMGuyana Co-Founder, Karen Abrams.  “Unfortunately after a STEMGuyana library audit of 8 locations, we identified several challenges which have served to slow down the rollout of the national program.  Some libraries are not secure and some either have no computers or their computers are not working.  Our intention is to quickly help to fix their infrastructure issues so that we can expeditiously launch the programs and meet the demands of the young children whose parents are constantly inquiring about local STEM club programs.  Minister Cathy Hughes has already pledge to provide internet connectivity to all of the participating libraries and for that, we sincerely thank her.”

STEMGuyana intends to work with Ms Emily King to launch the Central Library and Bagotville library programs in November 2018, while launching the Buxton and Linden programs in December 2018.  The remaining programs will be launched as funds are received.

The “Reading & Robotics” program was also sponsored by the Office Of The First Lady, STEMGuyana & Department of Sports in addition to the aforementioned public and private companies.