St Pius Primary School Teacher Endorses Scratch Coding For Students

It was in a training program for the National Library’s “Reading & Robotics” program when STEMGuyana’s trainers encountered the enthusiasm of of Teacher Audrey Massiah.  She was the lone public school teacher among the class of librarians and she funded her own training.  Ms Massiah is also one of the teachers in the viral video showing the first grade students at St Pius playing soccer with their teachers.  Are any of us surprised?

We noticed Ms Massiah in our class because her team kept finishing their projects first and her enthusiasm and energy were wonderfully noticeable and positive.  When Ms Massiah completed her first Scratch coding assignment, she loudly declared, “I see so many applications for my young students!!!!!!”  Teachers like Ms Massiah should be lauded and rewarded.

We should out Ms Massiah and we wanted to share her experience with you.  Please see video below.