Social Cohesion’s 3rd Region 8 Intervillage Exchange Programme Includes Robotics Day!

Social Cohesion’s 3rd Region 8 Intervillage Exchange Programme Includes Robotics Day!

Rynel Martin from Itabac village

Kato, Potaro-Siparuni; August 14th, 2019 – The Ministry of Social Cohesion in Guyana hosted more than 130 youths at its 3rd annual Intervillage Exchange Program at Kato.  Youths representing multiple villages including Kato ,Kamana , Bamboo creek ( 5 hours walking ), Kurukabaru, Kopaning Mountain foot, and Monkey mountain were present for the week of activities.  One of the highlights of the programme was the robotics day, for which trainers of both the Department of Youth and STEMGuyana shared knowledge about Science, Technology, Engineer and Maths and specifically trained more than 125 participants in Scratch coding and robot building and programming.

One young man by the name of Rynel Martin from Itabac village rode his bike 7hrs to get to Kato village.  When asked why he invested so much to attend the robotics program, he responded, “I believe that the knowledge I gained from learning about robotics can be applied in my own community, in the agriculture field.

STEMGuyana intends to plan a return visit to several region 8 villages to create STEM clubs and to make donations of robot kits so that the enthusiastic youths in region 8 will be able to participate in the National Robotics competition.

STEMGuyana Trainers who participated in the Department of Social Cohesion’s Intervillage event


Kato is a beautiful mountain village located in Region #8, about 186 miles south-west of Georgetown. The official size of the village was 97 square miles. The current population of Kato is about 486 (2018 figure) strong, of mainly people from the Patamona Amerindian Tribe. Nearby villages are Chiung Mouth, Kurukabaru Village and Paramakatoi. The affairs of the village is managed by a village chief (Toshao), Mr. Clifton Pereira and he is assisted by seven councilors. The primary language is Patamona and the secondary language is English

There are no roads in Kato, only incidental trails and footpaths that link homes, churches, schools and other places of interest together. There are four shops in Kato. Kato has a Nursery and Primary School that is currently housed in one building. The recently opened Kato Secondary School is now operational (from September 2018) and this accommodates approximately 300 students grades 7-9. The Secondary School is currently not operated at full capacity but the infrastructure can accommodate a larger number of students from the Region.