Saturday At The Clubhouse, A STEMGuyana Story…

Saturday At The Clubhouse, A STEMGuyana Story…

by Farnaz Baksh

Angel is a dedicated member of the Sports Hall STEM Club (usually visit every Saturday) while Makenna was a new student visiting yesterday.   I met Makenna sitting in a corner of the room, it was her first time trying to learn Scratch programming. She was a bit shy but quite open to answering all of my questions  [She doesn’t have a favourite subject at school; she loves everything. When I told her that she could create her own web and mobile apps, her eyes opened with excitement and she asked “HOW?!”

I shared her excitement and answered the best I could.  A short while later, Makenna was stuck on creating her first Scratch program so I told her there is another girl across the room who can help since she’s been creating programs for a while now.   I introduced Makenna to Angel and Angel to Makenna.

A few minutes later, Angel was helping Makeena; they were creating a conversation program between two persons and had my teammate Ryan Benschop voicing the male character 🙂  We transitioned the clubhouse room into a recoding studio for 5 to 10 minutes so they could finish their Scratch coding challenge.

Angel and Makeena became friends yesterday and two innovators have joined the STEMGuyana family.  They also learned about collaboration and teamwork yesterday. With such enthusiasm to learn, I’m sure they will go on to help change Guyana and the world for the better!