Racquel Todd-Inniss Is Determined To Bring STEM Opportunity To Cane Grove Youth

Racquel Todd-Inniss Is Determined To Bring STEM Opportunity To Cane Grove Youth

STEMGuyana recently launched a new “Show and Tell” series which aims to highlight the work of STEM club leaders across Guyana.  Many of these club leaders are volunteers who simply want the best for the youth in their communities. Some are church or community leaders, teachers, parents, or representatives from STEMGuyana’s partnership programs with the Department of Youth, the Ministry of Public Telecommunications or the Library system.

This week, STEMGuyana visited the Cane-Grove ICT hub which is managed by 25yr old Racquel Todd-Innis.  Racquel contributes her time to the village’s youth by encouraging them to join the Department of Youth sponsored STEM club, where they learn to collaborate, communicate, solve problems, build robots, and to code.

The youth also get a chance to strengthen their Science knowledge and will very soon benefit from a nationwide Maths program designed by Guyanese born professor, Dr. Terrence Blackman, Dean, School of Science, Health and Technology at Medgar Evers College of The City University of New York.

Racquel Todd-Inniss is a bright young lady who believes that the young people of her village should receive the same access to

Young girl with computer, coding using Scratch

Cane Grove youth learning to code using Scratch

learning opportunities as those who live in Georgetown and Greater Georgetown.

In addition to representing the Cane Grove NDC as Councilor, she is also the Assistant Secretary Treasurer, a Department Of Youth volunteer, and a member of the STEMGuyana “Dream Team,”–a group of young people trained to offer technical support and leadership training to STEM club leaders across the country.

Asked for comment, Ms Todd-Inniss stated that, “robotics for me is more than a new hobby.  Completing the  “Dream Team” training was an eye opener for me. I never knew I would develop such a love for a subject in only a few hours. But the best thing about earning a place on the “Dream Team” is the motivation I get from interacting with other young  people who are passionate about making a difference. Additionally, the response I receive from the young club members is motivating.  The kids are always up for a challenge and that drives me to offer them my best every time we meet.”

Racquel went on to state that, “the collaboration among the Department of Youth, Ministry of Public Telecommunications and STEMGuyana is making a difference in this country and I am happy to be a part of the change we are already experiencing.  As a member of the STEMGuyana training and technical support team, I am able to work with people who start out being very  nervous because they have no idea if they would be competent or like myself, develop a love for something in a few hours. But the training is always successful. Every one of the class members leave the training excited and motivated.

Cane Grove young building robots during STEM club meeting

Ms Todd-Inniss advises parents to encourage their children to participate in local STEM club programs which are available in their communities.  She pointed out that these programs were historically available only to young people who live in privileged communities all around the world.  But now in Guyana, these program are accessible in 8 regions and they are free or inexpensive.  In fact, she recounted that when the word went out about the Cane Grove club, 16 young people showed up one afternoon and declared that they had heard about the robotics program and they were there to sign up for Saturday.  “I am excited about the future of the young people in Cane Grove, I encourage parents to get their children involved and I am proud of the small part I am playing in preparing the young people of Cane Grove for the technology future which awaits them”, declared Todd-Inniss.