Program Overview

STEMGuyana Robot Education Programs

4 Level Curriculum

STEMGuyana offers a 4 level program for private schools, clubs and organizations.  The levels offered are as follows:

1- Foundation Level – Learning basics using a variety of blocks

2- Beginner Level – Learning basics using a variety of blocks, making hardware and using in-house program.

3- Intermediate Level – A step up from levels 1 & 2.  Making hardware and using kit compiler.  Learn how to make your own programs

4- Advanced Level – Addendum to levels 1, 2 & 3.  Using a variety of sensor modules to make a concrete and creative mode.  Learn high level program.

Let’s make a piglet

STEMGuyana will train club leaders within organizations and it is these leaders who will manage the operations and administration of their own STEM clubs.  Our recommendation is for clubs to meet once weekly.