Noble House Seafood Endorses National “Reading & Robotics” Program With Generous Sponsorship

Georgetown, Guyana — October 18, 2018:  The Noble House Seafood company has agreed to sponsor one of the libraries enrolled in the national “Reading & Robotics” program launched by the STEMGuyana and Library system of Guyana partnership. Their generous sponsorship means a total of three libraries out of thirteen have been sponsored thus far.

Sponsorship will include the purchase of three robot kits, five tablets and two days of training for two staff members or volunteers for each library.  Students who enroll in the “Reading & Robotics” program will be required to sign up for library membership and read for fifteen minutes before they begin technology activities.

The “Reading & Robotics” program is a cutting edge program specifically designed to target communities where students would not be normally exposed to such technology.  STEMGuyana encourages the private sector and diaspora to help make this program available to students from communities across Guyana.  STEMGuyana once again applauds the selfless contribution of the Noble House Seafood Company to the children of Guyana.