Level 4 Program

Advanced Level – Addendum to levels 1, 2 & 3.  Using a variety of sensor modules to make a concrete and creative mode.  Learn high level programming. – 17 classes

Prerequisite: Intermediate level program

1- It is so flashy! Light Energy

2- Having a motor cycle race with your friends

3- Let’s move some objects! Conveyor

4- I feel dizzy when I keep on turning and turning! Cams

5- You can’t move anything without me! Gear

6- The ear of the robot–Sound sensor (MIC)

7- Oh My Gosh, Hot! Thermal energy

8- How can we use thermal energy?

9- I feel a twinge! My body is trembling–Electric energy 

10- A transfomation magician–Electric energy

11- How a long slender thing can move a lot of things–Link

12- Having a racing car race with your friends

13- Intelligent robots acting like human – AI 1 [artificial intelligence]

14- Systems that use AI

14- Robot simulating humans–AI 2

15- Robot simulating humans–AI 2 (Humanoid)

16- Other Humanoid

17- Rules to follow–Robotic Ethics