Level 2 Program

Let’s build the skier man

Beginner Level / Level 2 – 14 Classes
Prerequisite: Completion of Foundation level program

Learning basics using a variety of blocks, making hardware and using in-house program. This level two program includes the following classes.

1- The Muscle Of The Robot  [Motor]

2- What’s IR Sensor (Infrared Sensor)

3- Learn The Principle Of Light

4- The Shaft Wheel And Steer Wheel

5- Making My Own Power Spin

6- The Eyes Of Robot–IR Sensor 1

7- The Eyes Of Robot – IR Sensor 2

8- What  Is Avoider?

Let’s build the sumo wrestler robot

9- The Avoider That Can Avoid Objects

10- I Like Black Line – Linetracer

11- Learn The Position Of Sensor

12- The Energy From Movement – Kinetic Energy

13- The Transformation Of Energy – Roller Coaster

14- Energy Can Change Back And Forth