Intermediate Level Program

Lets build and race some cars

Intermediate Level – A step up from levels 1 & 2.  Making hardware and using kit compiler.  Learn how to make your own programs – 10 classes
Prerequisite:  Level 2 program

1- Servo Motor

2- How muscles make us move just like machines! – Motor2

3- The robot’s brain–The binary numbers (Light ON/OFF)

4- Replacing the numbers with binary numbers

5- The Robot’s skin–The touch sensor

6- How does the touch sensor work?

Lets build a cleaner robot

7- the robot’s eyes–The light sensor

8- Fossil Fuels, they are ancient!

9- Let’s talk about LED

10- It’s really difficult to live without this! Fossil fuel

11- The first law of motion–Inertia

12- The law inertia can be seen all around us

13- The second law of motion–Acceleration

14- The third law of motion–Action and Reaction

15- Running, Action and Reaction!

16- Protecting the environment and creating sustainable energy sources–Green Energy

17- There is a green energy everywhere around us!

18- The incredible power of things in higher positions–Potential energy

19- Where can we see potential energy?