STEMGuyana is a nonprofit company whose mission is to expose youth in every region of Guyana to STEM education, using fun technologies while imbuing a culture of consideration, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking among the youth of Guyana.

What do we do?
1) Train club leaders
2) Provide technical support to organizations and clubs
3) Conduct outreach programs
4) Create mobile apps
5) Host robotics camps
6) Host website development training
7)Train Junior and senior teams for international robotics competitions
8) Participate in National Robotics League
9) Host annual robotics exhibition
10} Manage library “Reading & Robotics” program
11) Maintain important partnerships with public and private organizations to accomplish our mission
12) Host Caribbean robotics competition (planned)
13) Manage agri-tech lab
14) Pilot program – Manage in-classroom technology curriculum at private school

So how can you join depend on where you would like to contribute?
To be a STEM club leader, you will need to complete STEMGuyana’s 2 day certification program.  This training occurs 6 times annually.  Complete this form to sign up.  Follow us on instagram and facebook.  All of our announcements are made online.

Our Dream Team members provide technical support to organizations and clubs.  These youth people are expected to become technically expert in all of the technologies we teach.  These members usually earn stipends when they are assigned to help / teach other organizations.  To signup for training to become a member of the Dream Team, click here. 
Follow us on instagram and facebook.  All of our announcements are made online.

To become a volunteer with the STEMGuyana organization, click here

Following is the link to club locations in Guyana, If you have a child and you would like that child to become a member of a club, click here to sign up.
Locations, click here

For all other questions, email or whatsapp on 592-616-4454