Our mission is to inspire the creation of competitive coding clubs throughout all regions of Guyana. Our goal is teach robot building and programming, and later website and mobile app development to STEM club members.  The goal is to inspire an interest in STEM careers in young people in Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 2.38.56 PMGuyana and the Caribbean.

To that end we will host 100 1st form to 4th form students in robot building and programming in 4 free camps planned for July 25th – 29th and August 2nd – 5th of 2016.

If your community is interested in hosting a STEM club, please complete our form below. We suggest that you identify a community organization; church, school, recreation center, identify at least 8 students who are interested in STEM and then reach out to community members or sponsors for financial support to purchase at least 2 robot kits.[1st 8 teams to register will receive 1 robot free of charge]

Once enrolled, we will provide coaching materials, and certified enrollment in the local Guyana league. You will be notified of challenges and will be required to meet at least twice weekly to build and program robots according to the challenges issued. At the end of the season, we will host a national competition where students will win certificates and awesome electronic prizes. We will also attempt to coordinate fundraising to purchase robot sets for new local teams.