Exxon Mobil Onboard With National “Reading & Robotics” Program

Exxon Mobil Onboard With National “Reading & Robotics” Program

Georgetown, Guyana – October 22, 2018: Exxon Mobil today agreed to become a major sponsor of the National Library “Reading & Robotics” program targeted to children in communities all across Guyana.

Children in more than thirteen communities will soon be invited to sign up for the program library, which will include reading for at least fifteen minutes per library visit, completing fifteen minutes of Maths practice on the NGSA mobile app and learning to build & program robots and code using Scratch programming.  These students will then be eligible to enter the International Youth Robotics Competition qualifier in Guyana scheduled for mid-2019.

The goal of the “Reading & Robotics” program is to encourage more young people to become avid readers and to develop necessary soft skills like communication, collaboration and conflict resolution.  The program also encourages participants to work in groups to strengthen their technology skills while being exposed to the same project based learning tools available to help children in more technologically advanced countries prepare for the tech-based future that awaits them.

Exxon Mobil joins GTT, Power Producers & Distributors Inc.,  & Noble House Seafoods as the major sponsors of phase one of the national “Reading & Robotics” program for students in the Bagotville, New Amsterdam, Corriverton, Ruimveldt, Linden, Georgetown, Litchfield, Kuru Kururu & Salem areas.

Additional sponsors are being sought to support additional libraries at Buxton, Golden Grove, Hague, Mahaicony, Mocha, Stanleytown, and Stewartville.  These libraries all need computers and internet connectivity before they become eligible to join the national “Reading & Robotics” program.  Equipment for the National Library “Reading & Robotics” program is expected to be delivered in early November when club activities are expected to begin nationally.

The National Library “Reading & Robotics” program is organized by STEMGuyana, the Office Of The First Lady, and Ministry Of Public Telecommunications.