Department Of Youth Robotics Clubs Score Big; 2 Members Chosen To Represent Guyana In Dubai Robotics Competition

Department Of Youth Robotics Clubs Score Big; 2 Members Chosen To Represent Guyana In Dubai Robotics Competition

Georgetown, Guyana – September 22, 2019:  When STEMGuyana and the Department Of Youth signed the MOU agreement earlier this year, the vision was to ensure that youths across the country who wouldn’t normally be exposed to technology education in a fun and engaging way would, through the partnership, be inspired, educated and encouraged to pursue careers in the technology field.

The Department Of Youth – STEMGuyana partnership, to date, has been successful beyond imagination and although the program continues to endure challenges in many places, the more than 20 Department of Youth teams across the country continue to work to bring fun, engagement, knowledge and new experiences to communities all across Guyana.

During the 2019 pilot National Robotics League season which took place earlier this year, many young people from clubs across the country distinguished themselves.  Among the many talented youth were GTI students and two members of the PYRG robotics team led by Coach Marvin Hasani Drakes; Daniel Eastman and Shamar Stewart.  Coaches from across the country were asked to identify outstanding members of their teams and Daniel and Shamar distinguished themselves from among their peers.  “our search required not only that students were talented, but that they embraced teamwork, were solid communicators, curious, questioning and quick learners”, stated STEMGuyana co-founder, Karen Abrams.

“Next year many more youth from clubs across Guyana will have a chance to represent our great country since we will be competing in two international competitions for junior, senior and open members.  The purpose of these competitions is to expand our young people’s perspective, expose them to amazing technology, motivate them to work together to create their own projects and solutions, challenge them to compete on the world stage and then inspire them to return as local ambassadors so that other young people can benefit from their knowledge.” said Abrams.

Parent who are looking to enroll their students in STEM clubs are asked to contact their local library, contact Ms Pompey in the Department of Youth, or email for more information.