Department of Education, Region 3 Hosts Country’s First Schools Robotics Fair For Education Month

Department of Education, Region 3 Hosts Country’s First Schools Robotics Fair For Education Month

Essequibo Islands / Demerara West Demerara, Guyana – September 26, 2019  – Regional Education Officer of Essequibo Island-West Demerara, Ms. Annesta Douglas p (Region 3) should be lauded for hosting the region’s first ever robotics fair, which displayed projects built by students from fourteen schools in region 3.  STEMGuyana was also represented at the event by Trainers Eboni Ross, Joshua Reece and June Mcrae.

The event was made possible due to the collaborative public-private partnership and vision of members of the Region 3’s Chamber of Commerce leadership team, Department of Education and STEMGuyana’s outreach team who all worked with Exxon Mobil to fund the purchase of fourteen robot kits and training for twenty eight teachers and students from across the region.

It was heartening to note that teachers and students did not allow that training to go to waste as they worked on their own to strengthen their knowledge of the technology and share it with many of their peers.  According to Education Officer, Ms Oslyn Benn Caesar, “I was elated and excited to see the creativity and talent displayed by our young students.  I spent some time driving around remote controlled motorcycles,  bobcats and race cars and other innovative robot designs built by our students and I had lots of fun.  I am encouraged by what I saw and I’d like us to expand the program to all schools in our region.”

Asked for comment, STEMGuyana representative Joshua Reece who helped train the original team of teachers and students said, “I felt a sense of pride seeing the investment made by Exxon Mobil, the Department of Education, the Region 3 Chamber and STEMGuyana, which paid off in the lives of the young students I saw today.  Although many of them are still working to figure out the technology, they have done extremely well for early learners.  We look forward to helping them to create STEM clubs, strengthening their skills and participating in the upcoming National Robotics Competition”

The event was organized by the Region 3 Department of Education and was project managed by Education Officer, Ms Oslyn Benn Caesar.