STEMGuyana offers a 4 level program for private schools, clubs and organizations.  The levels offered are as follows:

1- Foundation Level – Learning basics using a variety of blocks

2- Beginner Level – Learning basics using a variety of blocks, making hardware and using in-house program.

3- Intermediate Level – A step up from levels 1 & 2.  Making hardware and using kit compiler.  Learn how to make your own programs

4- Advanced Level – Addendum to levels 1, 2 & 3.  Using a variety of sensor modules to make a concrete and creative mode.  Learn high level program.

Let’s make a piglet

STEMGuyana Trainers will visit classroom 1 day each week for two hours each time.  Team will provide enough robot kits for three students to one robot ratio.  Each level will include the following number of classes


Level 1 – 14 classes

STEM 1 – Kinds of Robots

STEM 2 – What Is A Robot?

STEM 3 – Principles Of Lever

STEM 4 – The Use Of Weight And Pulleys

STEM 5 – The Magic Box Of A Robot – [Main board]

Let’s make a 3 wheeled bike

STEM 6 – Brain Of The Robot – [MCU]

STEM 7 – Control Of The Robot – RC

STEM 8 – The Principle Of A Remote Control

STEM 9 – Robot Development

STEM 10 – The History Of Robots

STEM 11 – The Power Of Robot –  Electricity