After some discussion and recognizing the great efforts displayed by many club members, STEMGuyana leaders have decided to award virtual badges for outstanding performance in different areas by members of our club.  This recognition will be awarded weekly as virtual badges until July, 2018. During the exhibition, a new batch of awards will be presented based on the complete season’s performance.


The following virtual badges will be awarded in 2018;

Best Overall Award – Individual(s) who go above and beyond to help STEMGuyana achieve its mission

Build Award – Best builders within the club

Create Award – Individual(s) who offer creative engineering solutions [even if they don’t all work]

Energy Award  – Individual(s) with extraordinary enthusiasm and great attitude

Community Award – Individual(s) who engage in extraordinary community outreach

Inspire Award – Individual(s) who inspire teammates

Sportsmanship Award – Individual(s) who are helpful to others and maintain a great attitude

Volunteer Award – Outstanding STEMGuyana volunteer [who is not a club member]

Sponsor Award – Outstanding Sponsors

Diaspora Award – Diaspora member(s) who offer outstanding support to STEMGuyana’s mission

Professional Award – Individual(s) who are usually on-time and prepared to contribute at scheduled meetings