Tucville Secondary School Joins The National STEM Competitive League

Tucville Secondary School Joins The National STEM Competitive League

Georgetown, Guyana – May 5, 2018:  More than 20 1st – 4th form students from Tucville Secondary School, today joined the STEMGuyana National STEM league.  The STEM league is currently in progress and is host to 15 teams representing schools, community groups and church STEM clubs competing in MIT Scratch coding, Lego Mindstorm robot building and programming, mobile app development and Maths challenges.  Winners will take home laptops, tablets, and school supplies.  All participants will receive certificates of participation.

Tucville students were trained by STEMGuyana Master Trainer Stephanie Simon and certified club coach Tucville teacher Ms Jones.  After Master Trainer Simon demonstrated how Scratch can be used in the classroom to make subjects like Science more interesting, more than 5 additional teachers joined the training class.

STEMGuyana is excited to welcome Tucville Secondary School into the STEM league and looks forward to helping the young students to strengthen their research, collaboration, communication, story telling, critical thinking and technical skills.  Most of the students today were so enthralled that many of them refused to leave for lunch.  STEMGuyana is proud of these enthusiastic young students from Tucville Secondary school.

Current Challenge
Recently you may have seen waves crashing over the sea wall more violently, or it may have rained harder and more often than usual. This is because of climate change. Climate change is defined as a change in typical global weather patterns over a long period of time. This week yourchallenge is to identify an issue climate change creates (i.e. rising sea levels, droughts, hurricanes, etc.) and create an animation [using MIT Scratch] that shows the effect of your chosen issue. Propose a solution to that problem. Video must be one minute or less.

To join the STEM league, contact stemguyana@gmail.com