Volunteer Program

June 26, 2019 admin 0 Comments

STEMGuyana is a nonprofit organization that works with public and private partners, the Diaspora and volunteers to execute on services that promote technology education across all regions of Guyana.  Today through our partnership with ExxonMobil, the Library system, the Department of Youth, the Ministry of Public Telecommunications and the Office of the First Lady of Guyana, we provide services to more than 74 clubs in 8 regions of Guyana.  Our national grade 6 practice and mock exams app is used by students in every region of Guyana.

To be a volunteer, you must commit to attending one meeting each week, to joining an online messaging group and to contribute at least 15hrs of service to any of STEMGuyana’s programs each month.

For volunteers

Please indicate which of the areas above you’re willing to support.  Our first volunteer meeting will be held on Sunday June 30th at 3pm at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall on HomeStretch Avenue, Georgetown.  Please try to make it on time.