Tech Ed And Trainer Certification Continues Each Saturday At The STEMGuyana Clubhouse

November 18, 2017 admin 0 Comments

Georgetown, Guyana:November 18, 2017 – STEMGuyana encourages young people who are interested in learning about Scratch Programming and Robotics to check out our clubhouse at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall Saturday mornings at 10am.

This morning STEMGuyana Master Trainers were going through the process of certifying new trainees.  STEM league competition will begin early next year, so we are advising all who are interested in creating their own STEM clubs to signup for training.  Email for more information.

Below, trainee Shawn Singh is completing his presentation as he works towards becoming a certified Master Trainer.

Some of our visitors today were having fun while they used their innovation skills to build some impressive creations..