STEMGuyana Co-founder Ima Christian heads back to Stanford University

January 5, 2019 admin 0 Comments

by Karen Abrams, STEMGuyana Co-founder
My heart is a little heavy this morning. We are preparing to take Ima M Christian to the airport for her flight back to Stanford University and I can hear her singing. She is happy.

Ima took a year off from school to pursue her dream, she fell in love with Guyana, making 5 trips there in 2018 and helping to build out the infrastructure for a national program which will allow children from all neighborhoods and ethnic backgrounds to be exposed to the technology which will help them to be better prepared for the future.

I watched as she delayed her own personal priorities to train 200 club leaders, to develop curriculum, to inspire students, to help her friends and to be my sounding board and all unpaid. She was happy to invest in the children of Guyana.

As she heads back to California, her dad and I wish to thank her profusely and wish her the very best. Ima remains an inspiration to her siblings, her extended family and to the youth of Guyana and I wish that every last one of her hopes, dreams and aspirations are realized.

You deserve the very best Ima! Rock on!!!