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Program Overview

STEMGuyana Robot Education Programs

1 day / 6hr Program – (20 student minimum)
Outreach education and robot building and programming class
Morning Session – 2 modules from Foundation level
Afternoon Session – 2 modules from Beginner level
Teams compete against each other with robots they’ve built

1/2 day x 5 days, 15hr program – (20 student minimum)
Morning Session – 10 modules from Foundation level
Afternoon Session –  5 modules from Beginner level, 5 modules from Intermediate level

Build a Robotics Program At Your School!

STEMGuyana offers a 4 level program for private schools, clubs and organizations.  The levels offered are as follows:

1- Foundation Level – Learning basics using a variety of blocks

2- Beginner Level – Learning basics using a variety of blocks, making hardware and using in-house program.

3- Intermediate Level – A step up from levels 1 & 2.  Making hardware and using kit compiler.  Learn how to make your own programs

4- Advanced Level – Addendum to levels 1, 2 & 3.  Using a variety of sensor modules to make a concrete and creative mode.  Learn high level program.

Let’s make a piglet

STEMGuyana Trainers will visit classroom 1 day each week for two hours each time.  Team will provide enough robot kits for three students to one robot ratio.

NB: Corporate sponsored programs must cover transportation, stipend, meals & room and board for class held at out of town facilities.

*Scholarships are offered for students for select students