Overflow Class Shows Up For Robotics Camp At Bath Settlement Primary School

August 15, 2018 admin 0 Comments

August 15, 2015 – STEMGuyana’s outreach Team, once again sponsored by the Office Of The First Lady Of Guyana hosted a 2 day robotics camp for Bath Settlement youth.  The event continues today and tomorrow at the Bath Settlement Primary School where organizers of the program which was planned for 30 students were forced to cut off registration at 60 students.

Master Trainer Aisha Peters reported that, “the children are all enthusiastic and nearly all of them are familiar with terms like STEM and technology.  They are excited to learn how to build and program robots and as it turns out, this might very well be our largest robotics program yet.”

STEMGuyana and the Office Of The First Lady have teamed up to offer several robotics camp this summer beginning in Den Amstel, then Leonara and now Bath Settlement.  Students in the program will learn to build and program robots and the sessions are taught by STEMGuyana’s outreach team members Joshua Reece, Paul Glasgow and Master Trainer Aisha Peters.