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Massy (Guyana) Ltd. Contributes To The STEMGuyana Mission

Georgetown, Guyana – In their quest to enrich and develop the societies in which they operate by recognizing and nurturing initiatives and investments that contribute to the development of Corporate Guyana, Massy group has donated the sum of $75,000 GY to STEMGuyana.

In a written statement, Country Manager, Mr Deo Persaud stated that, “We wish to express our appreciation to the STEMGuyana organization for its dedication to society and hope our donation will aid in the achievement of your organization’s objectives”

STEMGuyana will contribute Massy’s donation directly to the nationwide “Reading & Robotics” initiative to help standardize ICT equipment at several rural library centers where resources like computers are severely lacking.  In a written response, STEMGuyana Co-founder Karen Abrams stated, “STEMGuyana would like to extend sincere thanks to Massy (Guyana) Ltd. for its contribution to our mission to “unleash the world class potential of Guyanese youth.  We believe that the investments made by our partners, sponsors and supporters today, will pay dividends in the future as our children will be better prepared to contribute to the development of Guyana”